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Video Submission allows the website to develop and supply exceptional one way linkswe can publish our video in diverse video submission websites– YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on. YouTube being the world’s second biggest seek engine following Google has the most variety of viewers who consume statistics from YouTube as well use it for enjoyment reason.

What is Video Optimization?

Video Optimization in SEO means optimizing your video content in such a manner that it helps a website to gain traffic and gives quality backlinks for website as well.

Importance of Video Optimization in SEO:

search engines like google and yahoo can not interpret video or audio on an internet pagealternatively they simplestapprehend the written content on a web web page. So, it’s miles by hook or by crook vital to make search engines like google and yahoo apprehend what is your video about and what are its cause?

motion pictures are the most powerful equipment in these days’s virtual advertising internationalit’s miles the nice device to market your products or services. If used properlyit can yield excessive ROI for an corporation or organization.

How to Do Video Optimization?

· Keyword Research: Before optimizing the content, we need to do keyword research. Keyword Research helps in ranking our content and show it as a top result on google.

· Title: Always make a title most relevant to your content which includes Keywords for your video. Try to make a Long Title. Include your Brand name in Title to increase the brand awareness as well.

· Tags: Tags helps YouTube and other Search Engines that what is your video about or related. Search tags for your video, which will help viewers to search your videos online.

· Description: You should always describe your video in description box. Try to include your keywords in your description. After reading your description, people will decide to open your video or not.

· Captions: Write or upload captions for your video so that people who are of different language can understand your content.

· Thumbnails: Thumbnails are the first thing that viewers see while searching for videos. Thumbnails should be attractive so that, people click on that to see the videos.

· Share on Social Media: Share your video and link on all social media channels, so that people will come to know about your new video and it will increase your views and engagement.

· Watermark: Add watermark to your videos, it will give branding to your organization which will help you in SEO and optimization of the video.

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