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Who Are We?

Verata Studio enable clients to out perform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. Our business experiences are real and so are the results that we bring to our clients. We are always in search of exploring new frontiers for clients to transform their businesses, their thinking and their end results. Throughout all of the assigned phases, our people concentrate on design, usability, functionality and execution. Our web designers and developers work together to meet your business objectives with the help of project management and quality assurance designed to make the experience of working with Verata Studio seamless. We make sure that our clients are in tune with our team’s every step of the way on a project to make sure that the end product looks and works exactly as the client envisioned. Whether you need a hardcore mobile app, responsive web design or development solution, Software Development, Digital Marketing, CMS implementation, user experience design, or an e-commerce solution – we’ve our resources aligned to stand and deliver. Our physical presence in U.S, U.K, UAE and Pakistan offices lead the charge on your project rather it be Big Data, Business Automations, Custom Software Development, Web Development, Online Marketing, ERP Solutions, Commercials,  Mobile Game or Apps or Online Shops.

Specializing in Solutions for Various Businesses

Banking & Finance

With everything online, it’s time for your business to evolve as well. By having our financial management solutions, you can effectively manage your day to day banking functions and provide unmatched financial services, no other can.

Payment Gateways & Processors

 Are you a seller who is ready to go online? For many new online merchants it is a very cumbersome and difficult process to understand E-commerce. But with us, you can easily open your doorway to make sales online & manage them through payment gateways and processors. No issues at all.

Entertainment & Showbiz

 Our goal is to put you on the map and create new and healthy revenue streams for you. Now you can deal with issues such as content rights, analyzing customer value through BPM and getting the updated insights with relative ease.

Health Care

No matter what the health plan your organization has our budget friendly and flexible health care solutions and management system devised after careful analysis can help you achieve all your goals.

Property & Real Estate

 Hassle free, project planning, budgeting, project construction management, dynamic real estate transition and acquisition is now possible, thanks to Verata Studio powerful and thoughtfully created solutions.

Academia & Education

 Prepare the next crop of geniuses with our state of the art management system and watch your campus flourish. Take exams, receive student assignments, track performance, manage the staff and do much more without having to deal with the complexities.

Hospitality & Restaurants

Worried about getting the best online booking systems, CRM, marketing automation to get THAT edge over your competition? Verata Studio has got it covered.

E-Commerce (Online Shops)

 We understand that your business means the world to you, literally. Our proven e-Commerce solutions and business management system is bound to take your business and profits to new heights.

Travel & Transport

 If you are planning of becoming the best maritime transport company, we have got what you need. Managing a travel agency, travel suppliers such as hotel chains and your personal online travel going to be cost effective and enjoyable, more than ever.

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